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Silvano Enzo




 I am a professor of Volkshochschule (adult education centre) in Pregarten Austria, and Italian Native Speaker for the Institute CEF Linz Austria. 
My main occupation is the teaching of Italian language and culture. 
I also deal with the politics of Freistadt Austria GUT group with whom we participate in environmental protection and social. 

My interests I share them in my Bioenergy Blog, hosted for free by Libero. My blog focuses on the technological problems, political, environmental, energy, and is the meeting point between many people with similar interests or professionals, who love to discuss news, research and new relationship for innovative projects.



Networking, Bioenergy, Biorefieries, R&D product.





Phone: 0043 (0)681 10438621

Aderess: Obere Donaulände 121

4020 Austria




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